Jinko Solar Panels

Jinko Solar Panels

Leaders in all-round value for money solar.

Jinko Solar: Quality and Performance for Less from the World's Biggest Manufacturer of Solar Panels.

Jinko Solar is now the world’s largest solar panel producer, and the company has a proven track record of providing cost-effective, dependable solar panels for residential and commercial applications at competitive prices. Jinko Solar has emerged as one of the industry’s leaders in research and development as a result of several world-first solar cell efficiency records and technological breakthroughs. With the introduction of the new Tiger series panels, the company is accelerating the transition to higher-performance N-type solar cells.

Jinko Solar Awards

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Jinko Solar Panels

EUPD Research Award 2020 awarded to Jinko Solar for their solar panels
A little on how JinkoSolar has risen to become the world’s largest manufacturer of solar-powered devices.

Jinko Solar is the world’s leading maker of solar-powered devices. Solar panel manufacturer Jinko Solar was established in 2006 and primarily manufactures its products in China and Malaysia. It is a panel that provides superior quality, dependability, and performance that is unmatched!

JinkoSolar (NYSE: JKS) is a global leader in the solar business with operations in over 100 countries. In addition to distributing solar goods, JinkoSolar sells solar solutions and services to a diverse worldwide customer base that includes electric utilities, commercial businesses, and residential users. Manufacturing excellence is the utmost priority at JinkoSolar, as evidenced by the fact that their industry-leading guarantee is underwritten by a third party.

Jinko Solar Panels installed in Australia.

Jinko Solar is the most widely used solar panel in Australia, as well as the largest provider of solar panels in the country. A wholly owned Australian subsidiary, JinkoSolar Australia, distributes JinkoSolar products and provides first-class service to customers in the local market, ranging from sales to customer service to supply chain management to technical and warranty support. You can learn more about Jinko Solar Australia by visiting their website.

EUPD Research Award 2020 awarded to Jinko Solar for their solar inverters
Jinko Solar Installers

Jinko Solar installers can be found around Australia. To locate a Jinko Solar Installer in your area, please visit this page or simply call us as we provide installation across Australia. Go Green Home Solar is a local Jinko solar installer in Australia, specialising in the installation of Jinko solar panels. We are a member of the Clean Energy Council’s national network of skilled solar installers, and we have been approved as an authorised Jinko Solar panel installer by the company in Australia.

Jinko Solar panels vs other solar panel manufacturers

Jinko Solar Panels has been ranked No. 1 on the Tier 1 Solar Manufacturer List compiled by Bloomberg Financial for the calendar year 2019. Jinko Solar panels are among the best solar panels available, ranking high in terms of performance, efficiency, quality, warranty, and overall value for money. A large number of Jinko Solar panels have been installed by Go Green home Solar and they are highly recommended for your house or company.

Jinko Solar  Panel Range Available.

The Jinko Cheetah 330W and Jinko Cheetah Plus 370W Solar Panels are two of the Jinko solar panels that Go Green home Solar offers for purchase.

The Jinko Tiger N-Type 390W Solar Panels are the most expensive of the Jinko Solar panels in our range, and they are the most premium.

Jinko Tiger Series Solar Panels

What makes the Tiger Series truly remarkable is that they can rival panels like SunPower and LG while costing half the price.

The new Tiger series features output ratings ranging from 360W to an astounding 470W. These next-generation panels incorporate several advancements in photovoltaic cell technology, including bigger format cells, multi-busbar (MBB) technology with nine thin wire busbars (instead of standard flat ribbon busbars), and what Jinko refers to as ‘Tiling Ribbon,’ or TR for short. Tiling ribbon is a manufacturing process in which cells are gently overlapped, similar to shingled cells, in order to remove gaps between them and enhance overall cell coverage, which boosts efficiency. Jinko does this by squeezing the tiny wire busbars together. This offers the extra benefit of lowering costs and virtually eliminating the requirement for lead-containing soldering. The cumulative effect of these brilliant inventions is better performance, dependability, and, of course, efficiency. Consult the whole Tiger N-type info sheet.

New 66 and 78 cell panels in a bigger size

Another important advancement with the new Tiger series is the improved panel density. For about the last decade, the majority of manufacturers have produced panels with 60 cells for residential applications and 72 cells for larger commercial applications. However, owing to the overlapping (Tiling Ribbon) design, JinkoSolar was able to include an additional row of cells onto the panel, resulting in a slightly bigger panel size and greater panel voltage. This is a significant departure from industry standard dimensions, and it will be fascinating to watch whether other manufacturers follow suit.

Jinko Solar Panels  Cheetah Series

The Jinkos Cheetah series is unquestionably one of the top value solar panels available today.

The Jinko Cheetah panel series was the first to be named after a huge animal (after the soon-to-be-obsolete Eagle series) and is now the most popular model in the Jinko lineup. Cheetah panels were launched in 2018 and are available in a range of sizes ranging from 325W to 340W in either the regular 60 (or 120 half-cut) cell residential size or up to 410W in a larger format commercial size. According to Formbay data, Cheetah panels have been the most popular in Australia thus far in 2020, notably the JKM330M-60H variant. The Jinko panels are well appreciated by the majority of installers we surveyed because to their excellent balance of quality and price, however few have reported frames that are not completely square and occasional glass colour mismatches (a visual discrepancy only). The whole Cheetah Mono PERC data sheet is available here.

Jinko Cheetah Plus 370W 66-cell panels are now available.

In 2020, Jinko updated the Cheetah lineup with the addition of a slightly bigger 66 cell (132 half-cut)  panel with higher efficiency and output ranging from 360W to 380W. This new mid-size 370W panel variant has established a new industry standard and may eventually supplant the previous 60 cell (120 cell) model.

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The Major Benefits of Jinko Solar Panels

Jink solar panels provide unrivalled value for money, without compromising. Consider the following key benefits that distinguish Jinko Solar panels as the preferred choice for all-round value solar.

All-Round Value
A Great Choice for All-Round Value

Although we instal many different brands to suit various budgets and needs, it must be said, Jinko have developed two of the greatest value solar panels in the world in the Tiger series and the Cheetah series.

The Jinko Tiger Series: Top 4 Performance for Less

They’re brand new, effective, and relatively inexpensive – what’s not to like about that combo! It's unquestionably one of the top products available on the market right now and a top seller for us in 2021. What makes it truly remarkable is that it can function in a manner similar to panels like SunPower and LG while costing only a fraction of the price.
The warranties that come with the Jinko N Type 370w Tiger series, on the other hand, are the most impressive feature of this product. It provides a superb 20-year product guarantee that is comparable to those of LG and Sunpower.

Snapshot of Jinko Tiger Series:

  • • In sizes of 360W-470W
  • Available in Bi-Facial
  • 9 Busbar Solar Cell
  • Shingled-Cell Technology
  •  TÜV Rheinland certified
  • Efficiency of 21.16%
  • 30 Year Product Warranty
  • Overlapping Cells
  • 20 Year Product Warranty
  • 66 Cell Solar Panel
  • Sleek All Black Option
Jinko Cheetah Solar Panel Series: The Cost-effective All-rounder

When it comes to solar panels, Jinko has made it a priority to provide low-cost products that are also solid when it comes to performance and quality. The Jinko Cheetah line of solar panels is unquestionably one of the most cost-effective solar panels available on the market today. Despite the fact that the Cheetah series has been engineered as a lower-cost option, the performance is still really high. Understandably, this combination has garnered it has a large number of followers and for us at Go Green Home Solar, the Jinko Cheetahs are without a doubt one of the fastest selling solar panels we have right now.

In general, this solar panel would be referred to as a great "all-rounder." Aside from that, these solar panels yield a really quick return on investment. Even as a low-cost solar panel, the Cheetah comes with a comprehensive set of warranties to back up its overall performance, leading you to seriously weigh up the benefits against some of the higher-priced high-performance panels.
Overall, one of the best cheap solar panels available for Australian households.

Jinko Cheetah Series Snapshot

  • Sizes of 325W-340W
  • Efficiency of 20.38%
  • 12 Year Product Warranty
  • 25 Year Performance Warranty
  • Half Or Full Cell Technology
  • 5 Busbar Solar Cell
  • PID Resistance
  • Low Light Performance
  • P-Type Cells
  • TUV Certified
  • Lowers BOS Costs
  • Advanced Glass Texture
  • Limited Power Degradation
  • Fantastic Value For Money
Local Presence
Local Support

A huge plus for customers is that Jinko have a registered overseas subsidiary company, which is based in Sydney. They have a sales staff as well as a complete support team on hand which means Jinko will be able to respond swiftly and efficiently to any warranty concerns, which is quite crucial.

The fact that Jinko have offices in Australia which includes a support team (versus some companies which may have just a sales operation based in Australia) is not only a significant advantage when it comes to warranty issues, but it also makes them a solid brand for us as your solar installers to work with because we have local access to their support team so we can stay up to date on any new items or changes that may occur.

Impressive  Efficiency

When it comes to the average panel efficiency of Jinko solar panels, which are now on the market, it is 19.82 percent. This places Jinko Solar impressively in fourth place in the world, trailing only SunPower (21.65 percent), Suntech Power (20.34 percent), and LG Solar (20.19 percent ).

Quality For Less
Quality Solar Panels for Less

When Jinko solar panels first made a name for themselves, they were known for being a reliable, low-cost option although they did not have especially noteworthy or market-leading technical specifications. This has changed in the last couple of years, as Jinko Solar has invested heavily in research and development in order to climb up to the top end of the solar industry.

Today, Jinko Solar produces high-efficiency solar cells that are competitive with those produced by the world's leading premium manufacturers - but still with a less than premium price tag, making them a great all-rounder when it comes to value.

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