Hybrid Solar System

Hybrid Solar System


Today more and more Australian homes and businesses are well aware of the benefits of a grid-connected/off-grid solar system.

But most people aren’t aware of a third option, the hybrid solar system. This solar system combines the convenience of a grid connected system which can capitalise and earn Feed-In Tariff credits and the peace of mind of a battery backup guaranteeing if the grid should ever fail your system won’t.

Best of all hybrid systems are able to disconnect from the network in the event of a grid interruption, and unlike standard solar grid systems don’t rely on the grid for any electricity, so in case of a grid shut down your hybrid system could easily power your home or business.

  • Never Have To Rely On The Grid Again
  • Store All Your Energy Onsite In Batteries
  • Capitalise And Earn Feed-In Tariff Credits

If you are exploring the possibilities of a hybrid solar system for your home or business call the experienced team at Go Green Home for an obligation free quote.

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What's Included?
Solar Panels
  • Panels by      – a Reputed Brand Name
  • Tier 1  kW Solar Module
  • 25 Year Panel Warranty
  • Local Aussie support
Solar Inverter
  • kW WiFi Inverter by – a Reputed brand Name
  • High Efficiency Unit
  • 10 year Inverter Warranty Standard
Professional Installation
  • CEC Certified mounting kit
  • Electrical and Safety Components
  • Installed by a CEC Certified Electrician