Hybrid Solar System

Hybrid Solar System


Today more and more Australian homes and businesses are well aware of the benefits of a grid-connected/off-grid solar system.

But most people aren’t aware of a third option, the hybrid solar system. This solar system combines the convenience of a grid connected system which can capitalise and earn Feed-In Tariff credits and the peace of mind of a battery backup guaranteeing if the grid should ever fail your system won’t.

Best of all hybrid systems are able to disconnect from the network in the event of a grid interruption, and unlike standard solar grid systems don’t rely on the grid for any electricity, so in case of a grid shut down your hybrid system could easily power your home or business.

  • Never Have To Rely On The Grid Again
  • Store All Your Energy Onsite In Batteries
  • Capitalise And Earn Feed-In Tariff Credits

If you are exploring the possibilities of a hybrid solar system for your home or business call the experienced team at Go Green Home for an obligation free quote.

Trina solar
Fronius 100kw solar system inverter


What's Included?
Solar Panels
  • Panels by      – a Reputed Brand Name
  • Tier 1  kW Solar Module
  • 25 Year Panel Warranty
  • Local Aussie support
Solar Inverter
  • kW WiFi Inverter by – a Reputed brand Name
  • High Efficiency Unit
  • 10 year Inverter Warranty Standard
Professional Installation
  • Electrical and Safety Components
  • Installed by a CEC Accredited Electrician