50kw Solar System

50kw Solar System


Go Green Home can provide commercial enterprises a number of large solar power installations solutions. Our 50kW solar system is big enough for medium-sized applications across Australia.

As today’s businesses are looking to take the right step forward with becoming more self-sufficient and looking for steady and affordable power solutions for their day to day operations solar power is becoming the obvious choice. We cater for large warehouses, office complexes, or pretty much anything else in between.

Our 50kW solar panel system and inverter package from Go Green Home provides businesses with an affordable and sustainable way to meet their daily power needs.

  • Extremely Competitive Prices
  • Suitable for Medium Size Commercial Projects
  • Steady and Affordable Power Supply

If you’re considering 50kW solar system for your business and you’ll find our prices extremely competitive anywhere in the country, so feel free to give us a call today for a obligation fee quote.

Trina solar
Fronius 100kw solar system inverter


What's Included?
Solar Panels
  • Panels by TrinaSolar – a Reputed Brand Name
  • Tier 1 50kW Solar Module
  • 25 Year Panel Warranty
  • Local Aussie support
Solar Inverter
  • 50kW WiFi Inverter by Fronius – a Reputed brand Name
  • High Efficiency Unit
  • 10 year Inverter Warranty Standard
Professional Installation
  • Electrical and Safety Components
  • Installed by a CEC Accredited Electrician