30kw Solar System

30kw Solar System


Power Up Your Business with a 30KW Solar System

And slash your electricity overheads for good.

30KW Solar System

  • Your Choice of Top Solar Brands
  • Plenty of Power for Various Businesses
  • Suitable for Multiple Commercial Applications
  • Available Australia-wide
Commercial Solar Specialists

Thinking of installing a 30kw solar system for your business? Go Green Home specialise in solar panel systems for commercial uses. With over a decade of experience and a reputation as one of the leading providers of solar solutions in Australia, we proudly continue to harvest new relationship with businesses across all states.

Solar Experts, Not Pushy Salesmen

Thanks to our experienced team our 30kW solar system can generate plenty of power for small businesses for a range of industries. Our talented installers can create a solution that’s just right for your business’s needs.

Tier 1 Quality Solar Brands and Components at Competitive Commercial Pricing

When it comes to commercial 30KW solar systems you’ll find that not only provide the best solutions but that we’re quite competitively priced and can install anywhere in Australia, so please give Go Green Home a call today free quote.

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Your 30KW Solar Questions Answered

The 30kW solar system is a quite large generation unit that is primarily intended for business enterprises; however, it may also be used by residential clients if they have sufficient roof space and continuous high power use patterns.

A 30KW solar system would generate around 110kWh of electricity per day on average.

A 30kW Solar system is typically comprised of 82 to 100 Solar panels (depending on the wattage of the Solar panels supplied; for example, you only need 82 of the 370w Solar panels to generate 20kW) and either two 15kW or a 27kW inverter (or a combination of the two). 82 to 100 CEC-certified solar panels; two 15kW or 27kW CEC-approved inverters; roof mounting; and an electrical kit that has been authorised for usage in Australia would be included in the total package price.

Start With Your Typical Daily Power Usage

It is necessary to determine your typical daily power usage in order to determine whether this is the appropriate system size for your requirements. Fortunately, this information is easily available on your most recent quarterly electricity statement.

According to the 30kW solar system output in major cities table below, if your typical daily usage falls between 80 and 120 kilowatt-hours (kWh), the 30kW system would be an excellent choice for you. As an example, a 30kW solar system would on average provide a similar amount of energy to what you are now consuming on a daily basis and would also allow you to comfortably raise your daily usage if necessary.

Maximise ROI With An Audit

It is advised that you do an audit of your existing power consumption patterns in order to guarantee that you are able to maximise the return from your solar system. Once you’ve identified the activities that take a considerable lot of electricity (such as running the washing machine, dishwasher, or dryer), put in place a strategy to guarantee that these equipment and activities are only used when the sun is shining. (Remember not to use all of your heavy appliances at the same time; spread out your usage to ensure that your Solar system is capable of meeting your demands.)

Typically in major cities, the output of a 30KW system is as follows:

  • 109 kWh for Sydney
  • 104 kWh for Melbourne
  • 122 kWh for Brisbane
  • 118 kWh Adelaide
  • 100 kWh for Hobart
  • 127 kWh for Perth.
Budget-Friendly vs Best in Class Solar Systems

With Go Green Home Solar you choose the solar brand to fit the needs and budget of your business or household. We don’t box you into using our choice of brands. Therefore, pricing for our 30kW solar systems vary depending on the package you choose to purchase.

Packages vary from our more budget-friendly to our best in class systems. The amount of government rebate you are eligible for also can play in here too.

To give you an idea, installed in large cities, a 30KW solar system typically costs in the region of:

Prices for Sydney begin at approximately $16,950, prices for Melbourne begin at approximately $17,950, prices for Brisbane begin at approximately $16,950, prices for Adelaide begin at approximately $16,950, prices for Hobart begin at approximately $17,650, and prices for Perth begin at approximately $16,950.

To get an exact costing, give us a ring or send us a quote request.

Regarding the amount of money you can save by installing a 30kW solar energy system on your roof, the results are entirely dependent on how efficiently you use the solar energy that is generated and what type of Feed in Tariff (export of excess unused solar energy back to the power grid) agreement you have with your Electricity Retailer in place.

In all cases, our team will give you with an estimated Site Specific Solar Performance estimate at the Offer stage; the estimate will explicitly explain your expected yearly savings in terms of dollars.

It is recommended that you visit www.energymadeeasy.gov.au in order to verify that you are receiving the best bargain possible from your electricity supplier. This website is a Federal effort that allows you to compare the best alternatives from all available electricity vendors.

Since the development of AC Coupling, all current PV Systems may now be upgraded with Battery Storage Systems. Because it plugs directly to the main power source, you may connect a battery to any building.

You can harness the energy of the Sun at any time of day or night if you choose to install our Tesla Powerwall 2 Battery Storage Solution to the 30kW Solar system package.

Do take into consideration that battery backup alternatives are often more expensive and thus likely to considerably lengthen the time it will take to recover ROI. As a result, before you decide to take the leap, please contact us and we’ll be more than pleased to advise you on whether or not this is the best decision for your circumstances.

You’ve done all of the probing and researching you need to do, and you’ve decided on the 30kW System. What happens next is easy, all you have to do is click on the Free Quote button, enter your info, and you will receive a response from one of our solar experts as soon as possible. Once you’ve spoken with one of our knowledgeable solar advisors, they’ll give you the advice and support you need to ensure your Solar experience is as smooth as possible. As soon as you give us the green light to proceed with the system, we will go to work and have your system installed on your roof within 4 to 12 weeks. So what are you waiting for? Get started today! Let’s get you started on your savings journey right away!