LG Solar Panels

LG Solar Panels

LG Solar Panels for quality that will stand the test of time.

Award Winning LG Solar Panels Can Help You Maximise Your Solar Investment

Long-lasting, ultra efficient LG solar panels have received multiple accolades and have been recognised year after year for their market-leading and innovative technology by industry professionals. But, is it worth investing more in high quality solar panels? We think so. When you do the maths on the long life span, high efficiency and rock-solid warranty – we think it’s a big YES.

Industry awards received by LG Solar

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LG Solar Panels in Sydney & New South Wales

LG Solar Panels 25 Year Warranty on NeON panels
Discover the LG Solar Panels Product Offering and the Benefits of LG Solar Panels

Anybody that has begun evaluating solar panels for their household or business in Australia will be familiar with the array of solar panel brands available. With over 70 manufacturers claiming to provide high-quality panels, it might be difficult to find a solar brand you can ensure offers the best.

Industry-leading Warranty You Can Rely On

Go Green Home Solar has installed countless LG solar panels throughout NSW, helping families and businesses to save thousands of dollars on their electricity bills with LG solar systems guaranteed by the industry’s top 25-year product warranty.

LG Solar Panels Winner of Reader's Digest Trusted Brands Award
Get a Best-in-Market Solar Solution for Long-term Returns

LG solar panels are widely regarded as the finest on the market, and Go Green Home Solar has been an LG solar supplier in Australia from LG Solar’s inception. Go Green Home Solar is one of the largest LG solar panel installers in Sydney and an LG solar specialist, providing the country’s finest LG solar installations.

Quality LG Solar Panels + Reputable LG Solar Panel Installers = Ultimate Peace of Mind

Purchasing an LG solar panel system from a reputable, leading LG solar panel installers (and a CEC Approved Solar Retailer) such as Go Green Home Solar will provide you with the reassurance that comes with dealing with a respectable, leading solar installer and backed by LG solar panels, the solar industry’s largest consumer brand.

Trusted Brand. Proven Track Record.

In a market place where many of the solar panel manufacturers are new and their after sales service & warranty somewhat unproven, LG is a clear standout. A trusted household name with a sterling reputation, the multinational brand was created in 1947 and earned over $140 billion in global revenue in 2018. 

LG Solar Panels Australia 3o+ Years of Innovation.

LG Electronics began researching solar energy in 1985, using their extensive understanding of semiconductors and chemical capabilities. LG Solar panels, now in their 5th generation, are universally acknowledged as the finest solar panels sold in more than 30 countries.

Choice Magazine's Pick of Solar Panels

How do LG solar panels compare to other leading brands?

Choice Magazine performed a 12-month comparative test of 15 leading brand solar panels in both outdoor and laboratory settings. In 2018, revised findings revealed that LG’s panel was deemed the best, with a final score of 96 percent.

LG Solar has received the prestigious Intersolar Award in Germany and has also been named Australia’s Top Solar Brand in 2016, 2017, 2018, and 2019, demonstrating LG solar panels’ market leadership.

Over a million sold in Australia to date

LG managed to sell over 200,000 panels in Australia in 2019, bringing the number of installed base units of LG panels in Australia to over 1,000,000.

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The Major Benefits of LG Solar Panels

LG solar panels provide more than 30 benefits over conventional solar panels. Consider the following key features that distinguish LG Solar panels as the preferred choice for the perceptive consumer.

High Efficiency
LG Solar Panels Generate Greater Electricity from the Very Same Area

LG solar panels are known for their efficiency, and over the course of their life, an LG solar system will comfortably outperform rival panel brands, more than recouping the additional investment in the panels. We continue to see "cheap" solar businesses selling 275W panels that are virtually identical in size to the 350W LG NeON 2 solar panels. LG's wattage is 27.3% more and occupies the same amount of roof area.

By producing 8.5 percent more power per square metre than a 320W standard panel, the 350W LG outperforms it. If you're looking for the most power possible out of a small roof as well as the most power possible from your roof, the 350kw LG NeON 2 solar panels is a sure bet.

Product Warranty
 25 Year Product Warranty – Parts AND Labour Included

Two warranties are included with solar panels: a product warranty and a performance warranty. LG's solar panel's warranty covers everthing from materials, workmanship, and any defects.

LG panels come with an unbeatable 25-year product warranty, which is a staggering 15 years more than the industry norm. This is because LG recognizes its panels are designed to operate that long and their warranty is backed by a multinational brand with over 70 years of experience. Additionally, their warranty covers the cost of labour to replace the panel.

The majority of Chinese-brand T1 panels on the market come with a ten-year product warranty and often do not include labour for panel replacement. Why is it just ten years? Because these manufacturers believe their panel will survive just ten years and that something will eventually go wrong beyond that time-frame. And I f something should go wrong during the first ten years and your installer goes out of business, good luck trying to deal with the Chinese panel manufacturer.
If you would like to prepare yourself for retirement or simply want the finest system available, you trust LG to deliver.

Performance Warranty
LG 25-Year Performance Warranty

All solar panels deteriorate in performance over a period of time. The critical point to grasp is how quickly and to what degree they degrade. All solar panels offer a performance warranty that warrants the amount of output loss over a 25-year period. The most significant performance decline happens within the first year.

The LG solar panel will decline by -2 percent in the first year (down from -3 percent), then by -0.33 percent annually for the next 24 years (down from -0.7 percent). These relatively low numbers make a significant difference long term. Unlike its competitors LG is warranted to continue generating 90.08 percent of its rated power after 25 years. This is a huge contrast to only 83 percent for many rival panels (if they continue to be even operate after 25 years – because most of these panels only come with a ten-year product warranty).

The additional investment in the exceptional LG panels will return dividends for you during the next 25 years.

Visual Appeal
Sleek panels that will compliment your home.

You expect your house's appearance to look aesthetically pleasing, which is why LG designed the NeON® 2 panel series with an eye-catching mixture of black solar cells, black aluminium frames, and ultra-thin busbars (wires) that travel through each solar cell. The entire panel is very appealing.

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