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9.9kw Solar System

At Go Green Home we provide a range of solar solutions for both homes and businesses Australia-wide. Our popular 9.9kW solar system combines an efficient and reliable panel and inverter package to generate ample power for either a large residential home or small commercial operation.

At Go Green Home Solar we also carry a variety of larger solar system solutions for commercial operations that require more power. We find our 9.9kW solar system a great starting point for a lot of our customers looking for reliable solar solutions.

If you are considering a 9.9kW solar system and need power you can rely on, give us a call at Go Green Home Solar today for an obligation free quote.

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Fronius 100kw solar system inverter

9.9kW Solar System PACKAGE DETAILS

What's Included?
Solar Panels
  • Tier 1 9.9kW Solar Module
  • Reputed Brand Name
  • 25 Year Panel Warranty
  • Local Aussie support
Solar Inverter
  • 9.9kW WiFi Solar System Inverter 
  • Reputed brand Name
  • High Efficiency Unit
  • 10 year Inverter Warranty Standard
Professional Installation
  • Electrical and Safety Components
  • Installed by a CEC Accredited Electrician