Complaint Handling Process


A Complaint is an expression of grievance or dis-satisfaction raised by the customer to Green Home Sustainability Assessors Pty Ltd(“Us/We”) either orally or in writing about any of the products or services provided or installed by us or the way a complaint is been handled by Green Home Sustainability Assessors Pty Ltd.

Any customer feedback will be responded and handled by Green Home Sustainability Assessors Pty Ltd in a timely and efficient manner. Our motto is to resolve all customer complaints in an efficient way and to avoid time delay wherever possible.

We efficiently manage the complaints received with respect to photo voltaic system, service issue and issues pertaining to services rendered by employee/installer/sales consultant.

Complaint handling process:

A complaint should be made either orally by calling our office on the number provided at the end of this document or in writing. Customer has to provide the details of their name, phone number, email address, address of installation and specific details about the issue to be rectified in order to assist in an efficient way.

On receipt of a complaint, we will:

a. Check the details provided by the customer with our data base and will allocate a person to identify the issue based on the details provided to us within reasonable time.
The reasonable time will be between 2-3 business days.
b. If we require any further details like copy of invoice, receipt of proof of installation services, warranty documents, we will call the customer request for additional details.
c. For any urgent complaints an email with the subject marked as “CRITICAL – COMPLAINT” has to be sent to the complaints handler/Director of Green Home Sustainability Assessors Pty Ltd on the email address
d. The Director or the Complaints handler will contact the customer who raised the complaint within 24 business hours, and identify the steps required to resolve the issue.
e. Any issue pertaining to system functioning, an electrician will be assigned and send to the site if required to evaluate the issue within 2-3 business days from the date of reception of the complaint, to assess the system about the complaint received.
f. We always try to resolve all complaints as and when they are raised to us.
g. If a complaint needs further investigation, we will endeavour to resolve it within 5 business days, or will inform the customer about the action plan of fixing the issue and time involved in fixing the same.
h. If the customer is not satisfied with the proposed decision, we will escalate and expedite the request to higher authority depending upon the type of the complaint. However, we commit to resolve all complaints received within 14 working days of receiving them unless there is a clear reason for extending the timeline.
i. In case of exceptional circumstances, which are beyond our control and if we were not able to resolve the complaint within 14 working days, we will contact the customer and explain the reason for the delay and give them a new time frame for resolution. While a complaint is being investigated and worked upon, the customer will be provided with updates via telephone and email about the progress of the work being carried out with respect to the complaint raised. Any complaint which requires additional time to resolve by us will be completed within maximum of 45 days from the receipt of the complaint.
j. However, there may be few complaints will have some precedence over others depending on the severity and nature of the complaint received.
k. If the customer is still not happy with the way the complaint is been handled and resolved, customer has all the liberty to contact Fair Trading NSW and any non-compliance of Solar Retailer Code of Conduct may be raised to CEC or Green Home Sustainability Assessors Pty Ltd.

We have provided the contact details of the respective offices as below:

Email address:
Postal Address: Suite 422, 4 Columbia Court, Norwest, NSW 2153
Telephone Number:1300 539 844

Department of Fair Trading
NSW:13 32 20
QLD: 13 74 68
NT: 1800 019319

Clean Energy Council
Phone: 03 9929 4195



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